Free Engraving Stainless Steel LOVE Pendant Medical Alert ID Necklaces for Men


  • Three-stage stainless steel dog tag, top and bottom is brushed Middle is shiny with a Red Medical id symbol,The lower right set a white crystal, the lower left mark “LOVE” text, hold by a 24″ Stainless steel Flat chain
  • Unique design of the dog tags, so you no longer dull, give you a good, especially the medical id dog tags
  • 25 * 40mm size means you can engraved more text for you, Back support engraving up to five elements. Silver face engraved black word, black face engraved silver word, Engraving makes reading easy
  • Double check your engraving information Before you press “buy”, pay attention to spelling correctly, once submitted, will not be able to change.
  • Free Medical alert id wallet card makes you one more insurance
How to choose the correct sizeļ¼Ÿ

Engraving in back