Fashion Double Heart Medical id bracelet for women


  • Stainless steel Double heart medical id plate and links, two tone color Make bracelet more charming,Gentle exterior design reflects the beauty of women
  • With the shiny heart, it can reflect the girl’s style and fashionable atmosphere, not only rose gold color, and now there are gold, brown and black to join. Each color is very cute
  • ENGRAVING TIPS: 1.Medical condition 2.Medication/Allergies 3.ICE: Contact Number – Engraving is not proof read and can not be changed.
  • Free Medical alert wallet card Can let you record more medical conditions
  • The Engraving on the back of the middle big tags,Laser engraving black words, very easy to read,Free Custom engraving BLOOD THINNER DIABETES TYPE 1/2 WARFARIN and More
How to choose the correct sizeļ¼Ÿ

Engraving in back