Classic Brushed Stainless Steel Type 1 Diabelets Bracelet


  • Pre-Engraving”TYPE 1 DIABETES” on the top, with a red enamel medical id symbol, very eye-catching, can always alert for people who have TYPE 1 DIABETES
  • Brushed Stainless steel,Not easy to scratch, bracelet long as the same as the new,Wear comfortable, better than everything
  • 12mm width, both men and women are suitable, classic and delicate design,Suitable for all-weather wear
  • The bracelet length= 8.5″ and can be adjusted: with adjustment tools and manuals. If you need a shorter size, follow the manual and use the tool to quickly adjust to the size you want. Easy to operate, everyone can do it.
  • Has a medical alert wallet card, white gift box packing, a good gift
How to choose the correct size?